ULike Creative, Inc. to Launch Kickstarter Campaign for ti.ttle, the Ultimate Golf Swing Analyzer and E-Caddie


ULike Creative, Inc. announces its Kickstarter crowd funding campaign for ti.ttle to launch on the 3rd of November, 2015, offering backers an exclusive opportunity to receive the device as a show of appreciation. ti.ttle is a new wearable golf training aid device that analyzes your practice swing and gives you a real-time feedback on the projected carry distance and various attributes of your shot. Before stepping up to strike the ball, you can try a few practice swings with ti.ttle mounted on your club and pick the best swing for the situation. With ti.ttle, golfers can also practice even without hitting a single ball, Golfers can tune their swing by looking at the results of each swing displayed on the ti.ttle swing analyzer. On the course, ti.ttle also functions as an e-caddie by pinpointing the remaining distance to the hole.

ti.ttle is a small and powerful smart device that helps the golfers with their short game on the course and perfect their swing with every club by practicing consistent form anywhere and anytime. This feature is ideal for golfers who want to improve their technique but are unable to access a practice facility on a frequent or regular basis. ULike’s CEO JS Youn calls this device a ‘flight simulator’ for golfers. ti.ttle is a light and convenient device that comes with a wearable clip and cradles for mounting on each of the clubs. The OLED screen display on the device is equipped with a touch sensor for operation.

Using a swing analysis algorithm, ti.ttle calculates the carry distance according to calibration with each club and adapts to provide incredibly personalized and accurate swing data. After a complete swing the carry distance is immediately displayed in real-time. ti.ttle has the ability to identify up to nine different swing types and uses a MEM (microelectromechanical) sensor to break down the swing, allowing the user to immediately adjust shot tendencies as practice continues.

When on a course, ti.ttle pairs with the user’s smart phone to offer additional features. A decline call option and missed call management feature allow the player to remain focused on their game without distraction. By syncing with the smart phone’s GPS, ti.ttle also has access to Golf Course information for over 36,000 courses worldwide. While playing on one, the current hole number and remaining distance to the hole are displayed on the device.

About ti.ttle
ti.ttle is the result of ULike’s CEO JS Youn’s passion for the golfing world that has spread among staff. ULike Creative, Inc is a technologies company specializing in smart wearable devices and mobile apps. The introduction of the device to a wider audience and raising funds for the initial production are the central objective of their campaign launch.

Visit the Kickstarter Campaign Here.

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