Medinah Country Club Dedicates “Golf For Life” Program

Medinah Country Club Dedicates “Golf For Life” Program
Seven tees, dedicated instruction, and special events make golf more fun for everyone

Medinah, Ill. (April 18, 2017) – When Medinah Country Club’s No. 2 Course reopens in June, it will not only show off a modernized look but feature a unique set-up specially designed to complement a system of encouragement and instruction meant to motivate golfers of all levels to hone their skills, play more rounds, and have more fun.

Called “Golf For Life,” the system gives golfers—from scratch players to virtual newbies—specific targets to work toward while allowing them to improve within the confines of their abilities. Key to the program is the modification of Medinah’s historic No. 2 Course to allow for placement of seven tee boxes on each hole, along with the introduction of special events with new and exciting formats to be tested.

Golf For Life, developed by Medinah Country Club’s director of golf Marty DeAngelo, is an adaptable program with many benefits. Each member meets with the golf professional staff for a game evaluation and then begins a structured system for improvement.

DeAngelo said the golf staff and teaching professionals will review all their students and assign each one of the seven tee boxes as a place to begin. “As students work on their games, recommendations for improvement to the next sets of tees will occur,” DeAngelo said.

Course No. 2 at Medinah Country Club, one of America’s most iconic golf venues, reopens in June following a year-long restoration program that keeps the layout relevant to the game as it is played today.

Without changing the routing or topography, the total area of fairways and approaches on Course No. 2 has increased by more than 50 percent, from 21 to 34 acres. Some of the widened corridors now connect on adjacent holes—a unique feature on modern courses but not uncommon during golf architecture’s “Golden Age” nearly 100 years ago.

Medinah’s other two championship venues – Course No. 1 and Course No. 3 – were previously modernized and updated significantly through the years, with the latest work on Course No. 2 furthering the ongoing improvement of the club’s infrastructure. For the past decade, Medinah Country Club has allocated a major investment to the modernization of its greens, tees, fairways, and bunkers, as well as enhancing draining and storage capabilities and the overall growing environment.

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