Ideal Duo For Dad: “Swing Coach” Golf Practice Club And SCI-CORE Practice Balls

Ideal Duo For Dad: “Swing Coach” Golf Practice Club And SCI-CORE Practice Balls

Logan, Utah (May 2, 2017) – Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to help golfing dads improve their games with two new practice tools: the Swing Coach Club practice club and companion indoor-outdoor SCI-CORE practice golf ball.

Golfers of all levels are discovering how the instant feedback from the Swing Coach Club leads to fast improvement. Initial responses from players and teachers confirm that Swing Coach is simple to use and highly effective. Just 15 minutes a day with Swing Coach lets users experience the feel of a correct, repeatable golf swing in three easy steps: “load, launch, learn.”

Swing Coach Club was developed with guidance and collaboration from Dean Reinmuth, a Dad himself as well as both a GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher and Golf Digest Top 50 teacher. Reinmuth says that Swing Coach promotes a proper smooth, accelerating swing by removing the “hit impulse” and allowing the golfer to make the correct motion through the impact zone.

The SCI-CORE “real feel” practice golf ball is the other half of the Ideal Father’s Day Duo. It is perfect for use with the Swing Coach practice club and also is suited for use with regulation woods and irons. The bright orange ball has a durable non-marking glossy cover, with a traditional dimple pattern to produce accurate flight characteristics.

Furthermore, the SCI-CORE ball is designed for extensive use, retains its shape, and will not crack over time. It is so soft that Dad won’t have to replace any broken glass or lamps, and the cover won’t leave any scuff marks.

So give Dad the gifts that will make him happy he had you!

For additional information about the “Ideal Father’s Day Practice Duo” – the Swing Coach practice club and the SCI-CORE practice golf balls – visit

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