Grayton Automatic Luxury Watch Launches August 1



Grayton: A New York Design with Automatic Luxury

New York – (Cision) – After 20 years in the watchmaking business, Grayton has enough time and expertise under its belt to form a reputation in the noble profession of horology, a profession mostly dominated by the skills and craftsmanship of mechanical watches. If automatic watches are synonymous with high cost and luxury then Grayton is as well.

When the idea came to launch the new brand Grayton Watches, in this extreme landscape, the NY design team did not hesitate. To satisfy his vision of automatic watches, the Grayton team chose accessible luxury by selecting the best components.

 Grayton: A Collection of Automatic Multi-Generational Watches

Grayton is a collection of automatic watches available in three sizes (44mm, 40mm and 36 mm) for men and women who are sick of the rapid turnaround of products in the market and want something that will last. A new generation, proclaiming its right to access a single timepiece carrier with authentic values, is underway.

 Grayton: Revolutionizing the Watch Industry via Social Media

To emerge and appeal to a connected generation hungry for products that possess quality, back to basics craftsmanship, and fair prices, Grayton has positioned itself with suitable price points below $300 USD. In a world where the average price of a quality automatic watch is on the market for at least $700 USD, this is astounding.

By going off the beaten track, the team at Grayton experimented with different strategies involving opinion leaders in the watch and fashion industry. In order to experiment with these leaders, a watch was sent to them -fully customized- in exchange for writing an objective review on the product. This approach was supplemented with the offer of discount coupons to generate cascading sales on the board.

 Grayton: Launching in the USA, for Every Citizen of the World

Grayton was born in New York and was inspired by the overall American design heritage. Surrounded by a multicultural team, Grayton Automatic Watches launched on August 1st, 2016 in the USA with the hope that offering an alternative choice for luxury would appeal to many. 

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