GolfRank Social Mobile Application Lets Users Rank Courses

GolfRank App (Multi Screens)GolfRank Fast Facts

  •  One of the first social mobile applications for golfers that is free to download
  •  Allows golfers of all levels to quickly rank courses in 30 seconds or less
  •  Serves as a global geographic course locator resource for golfers to locate golf courses in any part of the world while on-the-go
  •  GolfRank’s point scoring system is based off of six questions that apply to any course in any location – no expertise golf experience needed to rank courses like so-called “experts”
  •  Keeps a journal of all the courses played and ranked by users including a list of the top courses they have played
  •  GolfRank offers the ability to create virtual clubs so users can invite other golfers the application, share course rankings and receive notifications when club members rank new courses
  •  Allows users obtain ranking information of courses previously played by users based on gender, age and handicap
  •  Available for download on iPhone and Android


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