Golf Life Navigators’ Growth Substantiates Florida Relocation Trend

Golf Life Navigators’ Growth Substantiates Florida Relocation Trend

(NAPLES, FLORIDA) – Golf Life Navigators (GLN) – the lifestyle-relocation experts who help people considering a move to Florida find ideally suited places at no charge – reports that the number of clients who purchased golf club memberships and real estate properties during the past 90 days exceeded company sales projections.

“Because 300,000 people a year are moving to Florida, many of whom seek the best possible golf, country club and real estate option for them, we believed our services would be beneficial given our expertise and deep market knowledge,” says GLN President Jason H. Becker, PGA. “But you never truly know if a business’ service will fly until people actually use it, so these successful client placements reinforce that we’re enhancing peoples’ lives.”

GNL’s executive team are veteran PGA of America professionals and Florida real-estate experts who identify places that supremely match their client’s specific needs and desires. The team of trusted advisors are intimately familiar with every aspect of Florida golf clubs and living – from the fine print on membership agreements and the clubs with the most social programs to the most walkable courses and the differences between bundled and non-bundled communities.

This distinct knowledge of clubs, properties and their nuances enables GLN to match appropriate “fits” for their clients’ consideration – no strings attached.

“If they don’t like the clubs, living spaces or communities we suggest, they have no obligation to do anything,” says Becker. “We’re finding that people are thrilled to have their stress and uncertainty largely eliminated from the decision-making experience. This should be a joyous time for people seeking their dream place but too often isn’t due to the vast number of details to consider and limited time to do so.”

GLN includes two real estate divisions – Golf Life Properties and Aberdeen & Crail – specializing in golf and non-golf properties and communities, respectively.

“We’ve been surprised by the misconceptions people have about certain areas in the state, so providing clarity for them has been crucial,” says Becker. “For instance, many folks believe that properties and clubs in Naples or Palm Beach County are too expensive for them. They think all homes are $1 million or more and that all golf club memberships start at $100,000. Neither is true, and we need to continue educating everyone.”

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