Bergman Group Details How to Negotiate a Professional Golfer Sponsorship that Works

Bergman Group Details How to Negotiate a Professional Golfer Sponsorship that Works

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RICHMOND, Va.—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Many companies are interested in reaching their clients through sports sponsorships but aren’t quite sure where to start. It goes without saying that few companies can afford Super Bowl sponsorships, naming rights or luxury hospitality boxes at major tournaments and sports arenas. Only a handful can arrange for Tiger Woods or LeBron James to meet their customers and not many have the budget to sponsor such superstars to wear their clothing or endorse their products. However, viable promotional options are available for clients who do have a restricted budget and the services of an appropriate PGA Tour golfer are not only possible but can also be remarkably cost-effective.

“When an inexperienced company attempts to negotiate sports sponsorships without proper representation, the economic impact can be huge. They could leave millions sitting on the table and never even know it”
“There are multiple benefits to a PGA Tour golfer sponsorship and the most obvious is probably media exposure. Every week for almost the entire year, PGA Tour events are televised nationally and internationally. Were a company to attempt to advertise through traditional paid media channels for all those events, the cost would exponentially exceed the cost of the sponsorship itself,” says Annalee Morris, account manager and sports marketing consultant for the Bergman Group. In addition, Morris explains additional advantages of a golf sponsorship.

Second, a sponsor gets the rights to use their golfer’s likeness in any advertising and marketing materials. This provides new creative avenues to market your brand, product or service.

Third, a PGA Tour golfer sponsorship offers a wide range of event-based marketing opportunities. The Tour moves into a new market every week, which is ideal for having your sponsored golfer appear and promote your company at full-day golf outings with clients and prospects. This type of event can also be used as a promotional contest among internal staff or as a lead-generation tool to the greater public. Many companies see a large increase in employee morale when the employees have a professional athlete to represent the place where they work.

However, when identifying whether a PGA Tour golfer sponsorship is right for a company and exactly how the deal should be structured many companies are in unknown territory and find themselves lacking in the experience needed to build a good program. “When an inexperienced company attempts to negotiate sports sponsorships without proper representation, the economic impact can be huge. They could leave millions sitting on the table and never even know it,” says Andrew Smith, account director at the Bergman Group, an agency that represents business-to-business organizations in sports sponsorships. “That’s why companies need to have an experienced agency that can work on their behalf, to figure out what the right deal is for them and help them to identify and leverage the opportunities that might not be immediately obvious. Finally experienced agents can assist the client to coordinate and implement an internal and external communication plan.”

When embarking on a PGA Tour golfer sponsorship it is important to get the help of an agency who can act as an advocate on your behalf. They should be able to look at the sponsorship from a high level in terms of marketing objectives, financial constraints and legal requirements, and should operate with a company’s broader communication’s objectives in mind. They need to understand how the dollars can be leveraged in order to achieve impact, marketing, sales, advertising, brand exposure or a combination of all of those things.

The key to success is to identify the underlying objectives of any sponsorship deal and consider the best manner of reaching your target audience. Sponsoring a golfer is a great opportunity to increase sales and to communicate a brand image to a national audience, and it is especially effective for business-to-business entities and professional service providers. The nature of a sponsorship deal entails that it can fulfill several purposes, including marketing, advertising, business development and sales, and it allows companies to simultaneously explore several promotional avenues while maintaining an efficient budget.

Golf sponsorships can really work. Third-party research suggests that utilizing the image of a famous golfer helps companies to build a recognizable brand image that people can identify with. As such, the value of air time and media time for the player pays for itself 10 to 1. The companies that Bergman has represented, for example, have seen a measurable increase in sales numbers, a spike in company morale, advertising results that have really translated to the bottom line and have even seen new business acquisition and development as a result of the sponsorship of players at major events.

The Bergman Group is a full-service marketing and advertising agency that specializes in developing successful sports marketing programs that complement a company’s greater strategic and growth plans; from assessing audience alignment and negotiation of contracts to launching a comprehensive communications programs to support the sponsorship through integrated advertising, marketing and sales support including print and electronic advertisements, videos, collateral, social media promotions and websites. The Bergman Group also handles all aspects of both corporate and charitable event planning and management featuring PGA Tour golfers at the local, regional and national levels. To learn more about the Bergman Group visit


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