GOLF Magazine’s 2nd Annual No.1 Issue Unveils The Fab Foursome As Voted On By The Fans

GOLF Magazine’s 2nd Annual No.1 Issue Unveils
The Fab Foursome As Voted On By The Fans

After More Than 300,000 Votes:
Nicklaus, Clinton, Jordan, Murray

GOLF Magazine’s No.1’s Issues Features The Best of Everything in Golf; Interviews With Michael Douglas, Rickie Fowler and More

New York, NY (September 8, 2011) – The October 2011 issue of Golf Magazine, on newsstands September 9, celebrates the publications 2nd annual No.1’s Issue—a cover-to-cover celebration of golf excellence, including the first reveal of Golf Magazine’s Fab Foursome Bracket Challenge, a March Madness style showdown featuring 64 of the biggest names who love golf, including everyone from US Open winners to Oscar winners. After receiving over 300,000 votes from fans far and wide, the foursome people would love to play with the most included legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus, former United States President Bill Clinton, 6-time NBA champion Michael Jordan and actor/comedian Bill Murray.

“I’m honored to be part of this group,” said Nicklaus. “What would our round be like? Murray would have us all laughing so hard that President Clinton would have time to take as many mulligan’s as he wants. Jordan, being the competitor he is, would work hard to beat me, which means he’d have a lot of fun.”

Golf Magazine No. 1 Issue includes 19-pages of candid one-on-one interviews with an eclectic collection of high-profile celebrities. Michael Douglas, Samuel L. Jackson, Rickie Fowler and Ivanka Trump, are joined by musicians, athletes, actors, comedians and journalists in sharing stories of their shared passion for the game.

·      Michael Douglas (No.1 Comeback Player) recounted a day on the course with his dad: “My father got divorced when I was young, so I would go visit him. He took me out on the course. One day something happened that put a crimp in my game and his. I was about15. I hit an iron, and I him right in the nuts. I mean, direct hit! He dropped to his knees trying to shake it off. All I could say was, ‘There lies Spartacus.’”

·      Rickie Fowler (Future No.1) on high expectations: “It’s a good warm-up for where I want to be: the best player in the world. Obviously, if I was No.1, I’d have to deal with hype or pressure every week. I want to be in a position where I’m dealing with pressure and expectation all the time.”

·      Mike Dikta (No.1 Swing Coach) describing a great day on the course: “It’s about laughing, having a few beers, and betting a little. I’ll probably need a shoulder replaced, but as long as I can play golf, I’m OK.”

·      Ivanka Trump (No.1 Heiress Apparent) on playing her father Donald: “Beating my father in a match? I’m on that. I figured I’ve got age on my side.”

·      Sugar Ray Leonard (No.1 Hard Hitter) on facing fears: “Golf makes you face fears. Marvin Hagler wasn’t scary. A downhill 3-footer? That’s scary.”

·      Robert Duvall (No.1 Stroke Shaver) on advice Tom Hagen (The Godfather) would give Tiger Woods: “Keep your legs crossed.”

·      Steve Kroft (No.1 Inquisitor) on his first days at 60 Minutes: “When I first got here, Mike Wallace, EP Dan Hewitt and Morley Safer all played tennis. They out I played golf and said, ‘Maybe we made a big mistake. Who let the golfer on the floor?’”

Golf Magazine spoke with dozens of golf experts including Rickie Fowler, Tom Doak and Billy Casper to compile a comprehensive listing of the Best of Everything in Golf.

When asked which United States city provided the best golf atmosphere, GOLF Magazine’s senior editor Joe Passov, aka “Travelin’ Joe”, gave the nod to Austin, Texas. Passov said, “The Lone Star state’s capital has the best combination of weather, quality courses and affordable golf.”

On the political front, Condoleeza Rice was named the No.1 choice for “Augusta National’s First Female Member” while Dwight Eisenhower was named the No.1 “Presidential Golfer” of all-time.

“This is a correlation of random, interesting and most of all, entertaining tidbits about the game of golf,” said David Clarke, Editor of GOLF Magazine. “Too many times, we get caught up in the game itself and don’t look at the big picture this game has to offer.”

Others receiving accolades include:
§  No.1 Most Unheralded Golfer: Larry Nelson – A great Ryder Cup player—he won five matched on the 1979 team.
§  No.1 Golf Feud: Ian Poulter vs. Johnny Miller – Golf’s unstoppable force vs. its immovable ego.
§  No.1 Best 19th Hole: Nefyn & District – The Ty Coch Inn at Wales’s glorious golf course is a few paces off the 12th green, with killer views of the Irish Sea.
§  No.1 Wise-Beyond-Their-Years Showings: Rory McIlroy – After his collapse at the 2011 Masters, McIlroy decided to participate in a UNICEF mission to Haiti.
§  No.1 Underrated Golf Movie: Pat and Mike – “It’s well-written,” Tin Cup director Ron Shelton says of the 1952 comedy starring Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy.

For more from this poll, please check the October issue of Golf Magazine or visit


About the SI Golf Group
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SkyCaddie® SGX™ Scores Industry’s Only GOLD Rating In 2011 Golf Digest Hot List

SkyCaddie® SGX™ Scores Industry’s Only GOLD Rating Among
Distance Measuring Devices In Prestigious 2011 Golf Digest “Hot List”
SkyCaddie’s® SGX™ Stands Alone With Highest Rating Among Distance Measuring Devices By “Hot List;” Panel Made Up Of Golf Digest Editors, Golf Retailers, Golf Professionals & Consumers

RIDGELAND, Miss. , September 6, 2011… SkyGolf®, maker of SkyCaddie®, the #1 Rangefinder in Golf, today announced that SkyCaddie® SGX™ received the only Gold rating among all GPS rangefinders tested by Golf Digest magazine for the 2011 “Hot List.”  The prestigious distinction comes on the heels of a recent survey conducted by Golf Datatech, the industry’s leading independent research firm, who polled serious golfers about their opinions of lasers, dedicated GPS devices and smartphone apps.  The study revealed that 94% of all serious golfers believe “exact yardage” is important to their game and when asked which rangefinder, including lasers, they considered the most accurate, the overwhelming choice was SkyCaddie.  The combination of golfers’ need for accurate distances and SkyCaddie being named as the most accurate rangefinder explains why more golfers use and trust SkyCaddie for their critical distances than all other distance measuring devices combined.

In an article that appears in the October 2011 issue of Golf Digest, SkyCaddie was the only golf distance measuring device to receive Gold rating, the highest recognition from the “Hot List” testing panel, which included Golf Digest editors, golf retailers, golf professionals and consumers.

The Golf Digest panel recognized SkyCaddie for its breadth of golfer-friendly features and benefits,  including SkyGolf’s unmatched ground mapping process whereby highly-trained SkyCaddie mappers walk every course — just like PGA TOUR caddies do for their pros — using survey-grade equipment with accuracy within a yard or less, to record thousands of points on each hole to verify the exact locations of targets, hazards, fairway run outs, major green contours, false fronts and the perimeter of every green with dynamic front carry and back numbers.  That is why more golfers use and trust SkyCaddie than the other trailing brands combined, with SkyCaddie beating the nearest competitor, according to Golf Datatech’s survey, by a margin of 4 to 1.

“We are very excited to serve as the Gold standard among golf distance measuring devices, and to receive such strong recognition in the prestigious Golf Digest ‘Hot List,’” said Richard Edmonson, CEO, SkyGolf.  “The testing panel for the ‘Hot List’ is a diverse group of editors, golf pros, retailers and consumers, and to have them collectively award the Gold rating to SkyCaddie is a strong testament to why our product is the #1 Rangefinder in Golf.  Exact yardage remains the most important issue among golfers looking to purchase a distance measuring device.  However, a GPS system can be no more accurate than the map it uses.  If the map is wrong, so are the distances.  That’s why only SkyGolf goes the extra mile and extra expense to deliver maps that deliver the same trusted, reliable yardages that no Tour Pro would play without.  And, unfortunately such accuracy comes at price as most good things cost money.  And yes, we have modestly-priced annual membership plans that allow us to deliver this reliability, but our customers believe it’s the best investment a golfer can make in terms of game improvement by virtue of our #1 rated accuracy and the fact we have more golfers trusting our SkyCaddie than all other GPS rangefinders combined.”

The Golf Digest “Hot List” serves to provide golfers with a guide that they can use as a starting point in searching for new golf equipment.  The editors of Golf Digest, along with golf retailers, professionals and consumers spend hours testing all of the newest products each fall.  The products that rate the best end up on the “Hot List,” with the very best in each category earning a Gold rating.

Edmonson adds, “Whether a golfer has a handicap of 2 or 22, having the right distance is essential for a good shot to end up in a good place.  Having the wrong distance information adds another handicap to a golfer who is already challenged enough by a tough game.  We achieved this Gold rating from Golf Digest because we believe that golfers of all skill levels deserve the best and most accurate distances possible.  Everyone wants to buy a better game.  So, when it comes to distances, everyone can be equal if they buy a rangefinder that is reliable and accurate…and it’s clear that SkyCaddie is the right choice.

To learn more about SkyCaddie, visit

About SkyGolf                                                                                                                  
SkyGolf® is a private company specializing in the development of innovative positioning systems and technology products specifically designed for personal use on a golf course. SkyGolf is leading a revolution that is improving the way golfers play the game. The mission of SkyGolf is to respect the long-standing traditions of the game, use technology responsibly and within the spirit and rules of golf, and to provide golfers of all skill levels with better and more rewarding golf experiences.  SkyGolf, maker of SkyCaddie®, the #1 rangefinder in golf, is committed to providing the same reliable information a professional caddie provides to PGA TOUR professionals. This unmatched reliability is created by walking every course just like a TOUR Caddie does for a professional golfer, recording critical target information using the only method trusted in professional golf. To date, SkyGolf has traveled over a million miles to ground map using sub-meter survey grade equipment , recording approximately 100 million data points on close to 30,000 golf courses worldwide using their TOUR Caddie ground-mapping methodology. Additionally, thousands of courses are updated annually. SkyGolf believes every amateur deserves the same complete information with the same reliability professional golfers receive and would never play without and believes its SkyCaddie is the closest thing to a Tour caddie’s actual yardage book.  The SkyCaddie is the Official Rangefinder of The PGA of America, Canadian PGA, PGA of Great Britain and Ireland , the PGA of New Zealand, PGA of Germany, the PGA of Spain, the Swedish PGA and a Technology Partner of the PGA Learning Center .

Media Contacts
Julie Davis, SkyGolf, VP Marketing, 769-232-0114 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
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Six Top-10 Finishers Feature Company’s Premium Models in Woods, Hybrids

Six Top-10 Finishers Feature Company’s Premium Models in Woods, Hybrids

(FORT WORTH, TX) – UST Mamiya – maker of the world’s finest carbon fiber golf shafts – reports the winner of the Deutsche Bank Championship relied on its Proforce AXIVCore Tour Black shaft in his driver (69 gram, x-flex) and this week added the new Proforce VTS Black in his three and five-woods (both 89 gram, x-flex).
The win marks the first PGA Tour victory for the Proforce VTS line, the only shaft collection to include torque as a variable in the fitting process. Each Proforce VTS weight/flex profile includes three torque options, allowing players to match the set-up that best suits their unique swing DNA. Shafts are color-coded to indicate torque rating, with Black featuring the lowest torque, Silver in the middle and Red offering the highest.

“With Proforce VTS, we are the only company who can increase ball speed and tighten dispersion by dialing in torque – it’s an added dimension to the fitting optimization process,” says Robb Schikner, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of UST Mamiya. “Proforce VTS is rapidly gaining traction on Tours globally and is the next generation of top-performing shafts for players of all skill levels.”
In his first week with the Proforce VTS, the champion captured his second PGA Tour victory in three weeks. The win adds to the UST Mamiya’s list of titles this season, which include eight on the PGA Tour. Including the winner, six of the top-10 finishers at the Deutsche Bank Championship relied on shafts from UST Mamiya.

Widely available in early 2012, consumers can gain early access to Proforce VTS products through the UST Mamiya TourSPX dealer network, which is comprised of a group of highly-acclaimed club fitters nationwide. To find a fitter that carries the line, please visit

Likened to the precision of Lexus automobiles, all UST Mamiya carbon-fiber shafts are made using handcrafted, repeatable production techniques that incorporate world-class engineering and premium-selected raw materials. Tight tolerances, constant taper design and low-resin content combine to enhance feel during the golf swing. UST Mamiya shafts have remained the top-selling aftermarket option in the United States the past four years.

The company produces a variety of shaft models, including the renowned ATTAS and Proforce lines, which have received significant usage on major professional tours internationally.
Knowing that every golfer who installs a new shaft will also need a grip, UST Mamiya offers a line of premium offerings, with groundbreaking new models being introduced in 2011. They include the Pro DV, Comp DV and ST1 putter grips.

About UST Mamiya

Since 1991, UST Mamiya graphite shafts are favored by recreational and competitive golfers worldwide. In 2009, UST (U.S.) and its parent company, Mamiya-OP (Japan), combined operations, including research, development, production and materials-sourcing talents.  Distributed in 30-plus countries, UST Mamiya provides shafts to consumers, retailers, club-fitters and original equipment manufacturers Adams, Bridgestone, Callaway, Cleveland, Cobra, Mizuno, Nike, PING, Taylor Made, Titleist, Wilson and more. Company R&D and manufacturing facilities are in the U.S., Japan, China and Bangladesh. UST Mamiya advisory staff includes renowned instructors among GOLF Magazine’s “Top 100” and at Golf Digest’s “America’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses.”
For more information:, 817.267.2219.

VN Teens burst onto regional Stage, gain Faldo Series Final

VN Teens burst onto regional
Stage, gain Faldo Series Final

PHAN THIET, Vietnam (01 September 2011) — Ocean Dunes Golf Club provided a fitting stage for some of Vietnam’s most talented teens, when it hosted an epic installment of Asia’s premier junior circuit earlier this month.

The Phan Thiet course, laid out hard by the East Sea, has witnessed numerous championship occasions during its long reign among the country’s top golfing venues — Ocean Dunes GC is, after all, the only course ever to host the Vietnam Open ( Nevertheless, this month’s staging of the Vietnam leg of the Faldo Series Asia is destined to be recalled with particular regard, considering the precocious performances of two rising stars.

The overall winner of the two-day tournament, which doubled up as the Vietnam National Junior Championship (organised by the Vietnam Golf Association), was 13-year-old Truong Chi Quan who belied his tender years by posting a formidable winning score of 152. As a reward for his display, the youngster, from Long Thanh, just outside Ho Chi Minh City, will vie with youngsters from around the continent at the Asian final of the Faldo Series, which takes place at the Mission Hills complex in Shenzhen, China in March 2012.

Also Mission Hills-bound are Do Le Gia Dat, winner of the boys’ under-21 category, Dao Phuc Hung, runner-up to Truong in the boys’ under-16 category, and Ngo Bao Nghi, who won the girls’ under-21 category.

Fourteen-year-old Le Tram Anh Kristin, who won the girls’ under-16 event, won’t be joining them in China, however, due to the fact that she is an American and not a Vietnamese citizen. However, the youngster, who lives in Hawaii, wowed spectators at Ocean Dunes with a nerveless display in her category.

“It was an absolute treat to watch these kids play,” says Glenn Cassells, Ocean Dunes General Manager. “Le Tram Anh Kristin especially looked an extraordinary talent. There’s always a danger in heaping too much pressure on young shoulders but if she progresses in the way she is obviously capable of, her potential is frightening.

“Truong, too, can be extremely proud of himself. Winning a tournament like this at the age of 13 is no mean feat. Indeed, the all-round high quality witnessed really bodes well for the future of Vietnamese golf.”

The success of the tournament provided further vindication, if any was needed, of Ocean Dunes’ status as one of Vietnam’s premier championship venues. The coastal layout, which forms one half of the Golf the Beach consortium along with the challenging Sea Links course in nearby Mui Ne, celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. Its forthcoming packed calendar is testament to its enduring appeal to tournament organisers.

Ocean Dunes has established itself as one of the ‘must-play’ destinations in Asia since opening in 1996 and the challenge presented by the Nick Faldo-designed course remains as fresh and visceral as ever. Meanwhile its attached hotel, the 4-star Novotel Phan Thiet, provides a compelling option for staying onsite.

Several eye-catching dates are pencilled into the calendar for forthcoming months. The club plays host to members of the Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam and their guests for a Norcham event.

Binh Thuan Golf Association will hold its annual event at Ocean Dunes while the club will mark its own anniversary with a special tournament.

Arguably the most eye-catching of the scheduled occasions, however, is the Vietnam Open Golf Championship – one of the longest running annual tournaments in the country.

“Once again, it’s a sign that we are doing something right,” says Cassells of the forthcoming events. “We’re lucky in that we’ve got a great product here with the golf course and the hotel. Not only that, but we’re right by the ocean in a beautiful part of the world. Why wouldn’t you want to stage a tournament here?”